Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

Treasury Operations


The goal of Treasury Operations is to implement and sustain a modern treasury function for WVU and WVU Research Corporation.


Treasury Operations is charged with monitoring and managing liquidity for operations, identifying opportunities and implementing investment strategies, implementing debt structure, and managing banking services and relationships for WVU and WVU Research Corporation.


  • Performs forecasting, monitoring and managing of cash to ensure adequate resources exist to meet the obligations while identifying opportunities to invest excess cash and generate additional revenue from prudent, safe investing techniques.

  • Determines and implements the appropriate debt structure for the university as it relates to the Master Plan and other strategic initiatives which includes managing the relationship with the bond rating agencies and managing the internal loan program

  • Performs critical finance functions related to investments, debt and cash. These include, but are not limited to, accounting, reporting, and analysis to support senior management decisions and internal and external reporting requirements.

  • Manages all banking services and relationships to include banking contracts, acquiring banking services, implementing controls, providing access to online banking, providing guidance and training on implementation of new services, etc.

  • Performs operational activities including treasury accounting, bank reconciliations, “central owned” cash reconciliations, unclaimed property, etc.

  • Liaison with external banks, State Treasurer’s Office, State Auditors Office, and Investment Managers.