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HEOA Compliance

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Compliance

The re-authorization in August 2008 of the Higher Education Act requires colleges and universities to disclose information to prospective students including the cost of college attendance, accreditation status, graduation and retention information, safety and security reports as well as institutional policies and procedures that focus on student enrollment. The following links below are provided to comply with the disclosure requirements under the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

General Institutional Information                                      Health & Safety
Academic Programs                                                             Campus Crime Log
Academic Program Accreditation                                         Campus Emergency Procedures
Consumer Information (College Navigator)                          Clery Act
Copyright Infringement Policy                                               Drug & Alcohol Education
Facilities & Services Available to Students                           Fire Safety & Reporting      
      with Disabilities                                                                    
Student FERPA Rights                                                         Emergency Notifications Sign up
Student Right to Know & Corresponding Information           Immunizations
Transfer of Credit Policy

Student Outcomes                                                               Financial Aid
Graduation Data & Retention Information                             Code of Conduct
Job Placement & Placement Rates                                       Student Financial Aid Disclosures
Post-Graduate Information                                                    Cost of Attendance
Teacher Preparation Reports                                                 Net Price Calculator
Voter Registration

Office of the Vice President for Strategic Initiatives